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»The first thing you will notice about Boštjan Tacol’s photographs, are their intense vibrancy, their mastery of color and light. His work is truly a joy to behold–immediately catching your eye and pulling you into a nostalgic place. The images have the uncanny ability to carry us away, even as we remain rooted in our digital age. Not often is a photographer able to appeal to your sense of humanity and the joy of life so consistently–appeal to the notion that no matter how technological our lives have become, no matter how frightening and open and expansive the world may seem, anchored in all of us is a sense of joy, a sense of fun, a sense of color.«- Mike Joyce, Literary Orphans

Boštjan Tacol is an art historian, professional photographer and photojournalist who has been active for more than 15 years. He has so far also established himself as a successful portrait and editorial photographer. Being a great fan of rock ‘n’ roll music and the related culture and aesthetics of the times past, it is no coincidence for pin-up girls to have been a favourite motif in Boštjan’s work for a number of years.

Just like pin-up photographs were once reproduced on a massive scale, Boštjan’s photographs of pin-up girls are today posted online on a massive scale, while also appearing on pages of major international magazines dedicated to the topic. With his photographs, the author has no wish to imitate the mid-20th-century black-and-white pin-up photographs. Rather, he mostly finds inspiration in illustrations of great US masters of the time, such as Gil Elvgren and George Petty, and in the colours of early Hollywood colour films. It is the strong, saturated colours and careful lighting that particularly give away Boštjan’s recognisable style in photography.



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